Donation Request

The communities we serve are inspiring, and we take great pride in giving back through sponsorships and development. If your organization serves a community in our market area, we’d like to say “Bravo!” and “Thank you!” for all that you do

If you’re part of a community organization, we may be able to assist with your efforts in the form of a donation! To start the process, please refer to our Donation Request Form. (Donation Applications must be completed in full for consideration.)

Please note, the following are generally ineligible to receive donations:

  • Individuals raising funds for personal activities, excluding Benefits;
  • Political organizations or candidates for public office;
  • Requests that are sensitive, controversial, or harmful or that pose a conflict of interest to First Security
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, color, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or veteran status;
  • Contribution for events/activities that have already occurred;
  • Organizations outside the United States.

Request a Donation

Please refer to our Donation Request Form for more information and to complete an application.